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Recent criminal cases in india 2017

We have talked a lot about crimes against women this year, with the metoo campaign and more. The condition of women in India has improved slightly, but on a very superficial level, that is true only for a privileged few. When we look back at the increasing number of cases of women being harassed, raped, and subjected to deeply sexist and humiliating behaviour, it is heartbreaking.

But some cases have stuck with us, as they created a real impact on society and our laws. They started an important dialogue about women's rights, safety, and feminism. These cases may or may not have resulted in justice being served, but it made us all sit up and take notice of the deplorable state of women in India — and that's a start.

So here's a look at those landmark cases and judgements that helped the cause of women in the country in Formerly Akhila, a Hindu, Hadiya moved out of her home, and converted to Islam of her own volition. She then married a Muslim man, Shafin Jaan. Her parents, unhappy with her decision, filed a missing person's case, and alleged that Shafin had tricked their daughter into converting and marrying him.

They alleged that he did this as he is a terrorist and had brainwashed her. Hadiya, on multiple occasions, appeared in court and stated that she had moved out, converted to Islam, and married a man she loved of her own volition, meaning she had not been brainwashed. The HC decided that the marriage was problematic, and annulled it, stating that the parents had the custody of their adult daughter until she was married.

It also ordered that Hadiya return to her parents' home. Hadiya and her lawyers fought the judgement, saying that she was an adult and had no intention of participating in terrorist activities, and moved the Supreme Court SC. As to her marriage, the SC will pronounce its verdict next year. The courts' rulings created a huge stir, with people rooting for Hadiya and her husband. This case shed light on how regressive our justice system can be, and proved that a woman's voice is seldom heard, even when she is literally speaking.

Hadiya's rights to privacy, education, and freedom were violated because religious prejudices took precedence over fundamental rights and reason.

The ongoing debacle around instant triple talaq in the Muslim community caused quite a debate this year. With multiple cases of men taking advantage of a misconception that if a spouse says the word ' talaq ' divorce three times they are instantly divorced from their partner, Muslim women were left in a lurch with no proper legal recourse.We've made some changes to EPA. The criminal enforcement program investigates and assists in the prosecution of knowing or negligent environmental violations.

The write-ups below summarize information contained in public press releases. From April to July,Wood Group employees failed to inspect and maintain facilities they had contracts with and falsified reports to the government. The company admitted to 87 violations on offshore platforms. Other workers were seriously burned and injured. From throughIPC operated a facility in Wilmington which processed used oil and hydrocarbon-containing waste water and then sold the reprocessed petroleum to various companies for reuse.

IPC admitted that it tampered with monthly test samples required by CWA to determine if it was complying with its permit limitations before discharge into a city-owned sewer. IPC also admitted that in June and Julyit transported hazardous waste for disposal in South Carolina without the required manifest in violation of the Resource Recovery and Conservation Act.

This waste contained concentrations of benzene, barium, chromium, cadmium, lead, tetrachloroethene also known as PCEand trichloroethene also known as TCE.

For more information, read the complete case summary.

recent criminal cases in india 2017

On August 18,Duke Energy caused a spill in the Ohio River of about 9, gallons of diesel fuel from its generating station in New Richmond, Ohio. The oil sheen on the river extended for about 15 miles, forcing the closure of the Northern Kentucky, Greater Cincinnati and Louisville water supply intakes.

The Ohio River is a source of drinking water for residents of both Kentucky and Ohio. Duke also has deconstructed the bulk fuel oil storage tanks involved in the spill and no longer stores bulk fuel oil at this facility. The explosion killed one worker at the plant and severely injured two others.

As a result, the welding work ignited vapors causing the tank to explode and release hazardous air pollutants to the environment. Because the defendants had failed to properly inspect and maintain the tank pursuant to generally accepted industry standards, the exploding tank collapsed, spilling burning product which severely injured two workers. A third worker was killed when the rails and ladder from the collapsing tank fell on his head.

The operators of that facility, Crosby LP and Ramsey Properties LP, were charged with failing to monitor leaks of ground-level ozone smog producing air pollutants at their chemical processing facility in Crosby, Texas, from until A significant portion of the asbestos containing material was then placed in the trash area behind the building.

An EPA investigation showed asbestos throughout the building. Between the illegal removal and the order to close the building, about persons were exposed to asbestos fibers. Clean-up of the Minillas North Tower took about one year.

recent criminal cases in india 2017

PPMS were sentenced on March 23,for tampering with air pollution emissions equipment. During this time, the two firms tampered with air pollution monitoring equipment and reported false emissions data to authorities.

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These actions were taken to avoid lost revenues that would have resulted from either reducing power production or by taking the plant out of service for needed equipment repairs. The former operations and maintenance manager of the Berkshire plant pleaded guilty to three counts of violating the Clean Air Act and conspiracy. On April 21,Volkswagen AG was sentenced to three felony counts of: 1 conspiracy to defraud the United States, engage in wire fraud, and violate the Clean Air Act; 2 obstruction of justice; and 3 importation of merchandise by means of false statements.

On August 25,Volkswagen engineer James Robert Liang was sentenced to 40 months in federal prison for his role in the scheme.

On January 18,a Cedar Falls, Iowa man was sentenced to two years in federal prison for knowingly storing hazardous waste without a permit. Neither Delp nor CVE had a permit to treat, store or dispose of hazardous waste under federal law. Delp closed CVE inleaving behind hundreds of gallons of corrosive and toxic chemicals and wastes inside and outside the building.

A New Jersey swimming pool and spa chemicals company and its president were sentenced on March 2,for convictions related to customs and import violations.

Alden Leeds, Inc. Epstein and Alden Leeds, Inc. The co-owners of an Indiana biofuel producer were handed lengthy prison sentences on July 18,after pleading guilty to conspiracy, fraud, and false statements. Witmer and Jury were sentenced to 57 months and 30 months in prison, respectively. On November 8,Thomas Davanzo and Robert Fedyna of Florida were sentenced to months and months in prison, respectively, for their roles in another fraudulent RINs scheme.The Petitions were disposed of in the following terms:.

Read the Judgment Here.

Crime Patrol - क्राइम पेट्रोल सतर्क - Case 2 / 2017 - Episode 754 - 6th January, 2017

The court also held that the satisfaction of the President under Article and of the Governor under Article while issuing ordinances is not immune from judicial review.

With regard to the question of placing the Ordinance before the Legislature, the majority judgment authored by Justice D. Chandrachud held that the requirement is mandatory. Justice M. Lokur, however, opined that it is directory in nature. Further, Chief Justice of India T. A two Judge Bench of Supreme Court held that sexual intercourse with minor below 18 years wife is rape.

To this end, the Court read down exception 2 to Section which defines rape of the IPC as amended by the Criminal Law Amendment Act, which allowed such a sexual act. The age of consent has been made 18 from 15 in these cases. A seven judge constitution bench of the Court headed by Chief Justice T. Thakur passed the ruling by a majority. At this stage, we will confine ourselves to the issue raised before us in the reference.

Banumathi and Justice Ashok Bhushan then dismissed the Appeals filed by the convicts, confirming the capital punishment awarded to them by the Trial Court. Karnan, has committed contempt of the judiciary. His actions constitute contempt of this Court, and of the judiciary of the gravest nature.

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Having found him guilty of committing contempt, we convict him accordingly. We are satisfied to punish him by sentencing him to imprisonment for six months. Khehar observed. Justice Karnan was convicted for making scandalous corruption allegations against the Apex Court's sitting and retired Judges. The two senior most judges and the Attorney General will be part of the committee which will choose a fifth member —from the Bar.

The Bench comprising Justice M. Lokur and Justice Deepak Gupta noted that the number of deaths due to road accidents in the country is said to be overin a year, which translates to about one death every three minutes. It further noted that the compensation awarded for deaths and other motor accident claims runs into hundreds of crores of rupees.

It then considered the suggestions put forth by all parties and issued the directives.There are many academic traditions of interdisciplinary enquiry and critique that can be employed to interpret the Indian Supreme Court's record init is however possible to identify some trends.

The discussion of the ten cases is divided into themes and split across two posts. Apart from the majoritarian backlash, another index for testing the equal citizenship claim is the state of civil and personal liberties in the nation, in particular the freedom to dissent. These human rights activists had substantial experience working with marginalized and disadvantaged communities.

Further, they had often been critical of the government in the past. This sudden arrest by the Pune Police was seen as an attempt to freeze dissent by the heavy hand of state machinery. In response, five eminent citizens filed a Public Interest Litigation PIL case in the Supreme Court, challenging the arrests and seeking a court-monitored probe into the investigation. The Court in a judgment in Romila Thapar v.

UOI rejected the plea for a Special Investigation Team SIT to probe into the investigation, on the ground that the State had adduced sufficient evidence for the possibility that they are members of a banned terrorist organization, CPI M.

Note that the petitioners were not allowed to scrutinize this evidence, as it was submitted in sealed covers — only the judges viewed it. This case forces one to re-examine the fragile nature of speech protection when it collides with state power. The standards of proof, required for successful conviction, need not be met to justify a call for a probe at initial stages.

A prima facie case is sufficient to merit investigation. Further, should the power asymmetry between citizens and the State not be factored in, when such brazenness is shown in arresting dissenters and critics? With the incumbent Union Government having heavy numbers in the Parliament, there seems to be a shift in the delicate federal balance between the Centre and the States. The exercise of discretionary power, exercised at the behest of the Union Government, has the potential to disrupt the federal balance.

Holding representative democracy to be an essential feature of the office of the executive, the Court held that the LG is not the executive head of Delhi. Rather, it held that the Chief Minister and the Council of Ministers lead the executive. It clarified that the LG, who is an administrator appointed by the Union, is bound by the advice of the Chief Minister, and secondly, that the LG has no independent power under the Constitution. The Court further observed that where two interpretations are possible on textual provision, primacy should be given to an interpretation, which furthers representative democracy, a basic feature of the Constitution.

Even though the principled issue of who the executive head of the Delhi Government is, is now settled, the further questions of who heads the Services and the Anti-Corruption Bureau, and who has the power to set up enquiries over public functionaries are yet to be comprehensively settled.

This is because the 5-judge bench in this case dealt with the constitutional question of who heads the Delhi Government and specific disputes were referred to the smaller benches. Nevertheless, the Court in played an active role in strengthening the principle of co-operative federalism by limiting the scope of the Centre's interference and by checking the discretionary powers of the LG.

Inthe Court faced a significant test in its assessment regarding whether the Government's expansive and controversial identity program, called Aadhaar, ran afoul of privacy.

Note that ina nine-judge bench of the Supreme Court had recognized the right to privacy as a fundamental right guaranteed by the Constitution. In a split verdict in K.

Puttaswamy v. UOIthe Court upheld the constitutionality of the Aadhaar Actbut curtailed its wide ambit by striking down provisions which had allowed non-state parties to make Aadhaar mandatory. However, the Court did not strike down Section 7, which makes Aadhaar mandatory for qualification for State subsidies and benefits.In a complete violation of laws that govern environment protection and coastal zone protection in India, Odisha Government has announced its flagship coastal tourism… Read More.

Darlipali is a village in the… Read More. The… Read More. After nationwide protests erupted against Citizenship Amendment Act, which is ultra vires the Constitution of India in violation of the secular fabric of India,… Read More. The Association of Rural Surgeons of India has filed a plea in the Supreme Court highlighting the access of blood transfusions to those lives are at risk in emergency health situations.

In its plea,… Read More. The Delhi high court observed that the limited provision in the Cinematograph Act allowing the Centre to interfere with decisions rendered by the Censor Board is… Read More. The division bench… Read More. The activist has been vocal in his protest against the Citizenship Amendment Bill and the… Read More. The petitioner was thrown acid upon allegedly by her husband on 5th November, at her village in Nagaon District of Assam.

She received treatment at Guwahati and had remained admitted in the… Read More.

8 biggest scams that put India to shame

Lawyers associated with Human Rights Law Network have filed a Writ petition at the Ranchi High Court demanding to quash acquisition of 1, acres of agricultural land for the purpose of setting up a… Read More. In a first of a kind decision, the Bombay High Court declared that an extramarital consensual same sex relationship is not a criminal offense just like how it is not a criminal offense in case of… Read More.

The case pertains to the ban on fixed dose combinations FDCs which includes widely popular drugs like Saridon, and skin cream Panderm, antibiotic Lupidiclox and combination diabetes drug… Read More. In late November,the Petitioner, the Petitioner, a 14 year old girl, revealed to her mother that she had been sexually assaulted multiple times by two boys who were known to her. The Bombay high court permitted a surrogate mother to terminate her week-old pregnancy after the foetus was found to have multiple cardiac abnormalities.

The HC was hearing a petition filed by a… Read More. This case pertains to fake a encounter that took place in the year In this case, the court directed the state conclude the prosecution against… Read More. A government order and its subsequent amendment of which barred persons from primitive tribal groups officially labelled as Particularly Vulnerable Tribal Groups- PVTG — which includes… Read More. These employees span across… Read More.

The issue arises when these NRI men marry Indian women and then abandon them after dowry extraction and sexual exploitation. The wives are often deserted at crucial stages… Read More.


Rajasthan High Court, on September 25th,issued notice to the state government and CBI in case of sexual assault and murder of year-old a minor girl in Dholpur district, Rajasthan.

According… Read More. Bombay HC asked BMC to consider setting up a permanent medical board in its hospitals to deal with medical termination of pregnancy cases. Human rights violations are on the rise across the country. In order to respond to the crisis, we need to strengthen our network.

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Recent Leading Cases. Back To Top. We need your help! Click to Donate.With a pressing need to end corruption and foster harmony and stronger ties globally, the United Nations observed International Anti-Corruption Day on December 9. Seven out of 10 people in India, the study statedhad to pay a bribe to access public services.

Measures to tackle corruption and curb the growing menace of black money has dominated the national discourse over the past years. Various policies and legislations, including the implementation of Goods and Services Tax and the demonetisation of high-value currencies were some of the steps taken by the Central government in a bid to make India corruption - free.

Belonging to a politically connected family with both his parents holding government portfolios, Abhishek was exposed to the media and public life since his childhood days. He was even named as the youngest billionaire at the age of 28 in He was arrested in Inthe Karnataka State Minorities Commission submitted a report alleging that 27, acre of land controlled by the Karnataka Wakf Board had either been embezzled or allocated illegally.

The said property was supposed to be donated to the underprivileged and poor through the Muslim charitable trust. Anwar Manippady, Chairman of the Karnataka State Minorities Commission, said that over 50 percent of the land has been misappropriated by politicians and board members.

recent criminal cases in india 2017

This was supposedly done in collusion with the real estate mafia for a fraction of its market value under the watch of the Karnataka Wakf Board. This scam seems to be straight out of a Hollywood movie. InAbdul Karim Telgi was charged for counterfeiting stamp paper in India. The investigation revealed that Telgi enjoyed support from various government departments that were involved in the production and sale of high - security stamps.

In JanuaryTelgi and several associates were sentenced to 30 years rigorous imprisonment. September unearthed a scam that involved bureaucrats, political leaders and several ministers from the ruling political party. Essentially, the Government of India followed a system of competitive bidding to allocate coal blocks. As a result, CAG noted that both the private and public sector enterprises paid less, resulting in loss revenue for the government. This scam surfaced when it was revealed that the government, inhad undercharged mobile telephone companies for frequency allocation licen c es.

Every Third Woman In India Suffers Sexual, Physical Violence at Home

These licences are used to create 2G spectrum subscriptions for cell phones. Raja, then Minister of Communications and IT.Sheikh Saaliq News New Delhi: The issue of gender-based violence in India has been creeping up the policy agenda over the past couple of years.

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And with substantial data, it proves one thing: rampant domestic violence against women in India is a reality. Every third women, since the age of 15, has faced domestic violence of various forms in the country, reported the National Family Health Survey NHFS-4 released by the Union health ministry. Thus, incubating a new round of debate about the cultural underpinnings to domestic violence. According to the survey, 27 per cent of women have experienced physical violence since the age 15 in India.

This experience of physical violence among women is more common in rural areas than among women in urban areas. Domestic violence cases, where women reported physical abuse in rural and urban areas, were at 29 per cent and 23 percent, respectively.

The Protection of Women from Domestic Violence Act PWDVAprovides a definition of domestic violence that is comprehensive and includes all forms of physical, emotional, verbal, sexual, and economic violence, and covers both actual acts of such violence and threats of violence.

In addition, the PWDVA recognizes marital rape and covers harassment in the form of unlawful dowry demands as a form of abuse. Most of the times perpetrators of this violence have been the husbands.

The survey reported that among married women who have experienced physical violence since the age of 15, 83 per cent reported their present husbands as perpetrators of the violence. However, the most worrying part of the spousal-violence is that almost every third married women, who has experienced spousal violence, reported experiencing physical injuries, including eight per cent who have had eye injuries, sprains, dislocations, or burns and six per cent who have had deep wounds, broken bones, broken teeth, or any other serious injury.

Yet, only 14 per cent of women who experienced this violence sought help to stop it.

Top 7 Current Legal Issues In India in The News

Women in India, surprisingly, are supportive of domestic violence. Data from the survey shows women in India between the ages of 40 to 49 were most supportive of domestic violence, with The percentage justifying abuse is marginally lesser among younger women. This marginal difference in attitudes of women towards domestic violence is also visible in urban and rural areas.

While Sexual rights are a serious concern for Indian women. Validating this concern, six per cent of women in India and reported to having experienced sexual violence in their lifetime. The form of sexual violence most commonly reported by women was that their husband used physical force to have sexual intercourse when they did not want to 5. These statistics give a clear indication of the kind of sexual harassment and violence young girls and women face in India.

The scenario for unmarried women is no different. Ironically, India is one of the 36 countries where marital rape, the act of sexual intercourse with one's spouse without the spouse's consent, is still not a criminal offence.

Section of the Indian Penal Code IPC considers forced sex in marriage as a crime only when the wife is below age However, it offers only a civil remedy for the offence. Human Rights Watch HRW in its November report found out that sexual harassment victims in India face significant barriers to obtaining justice and critical support services. Under Indian law, police officers who fail to register a complaint of sexual assault face up to two years in prison. However, Human Rights Watch found that police did not always file a First Information Report FIRthe first step to initiating a police investigation, especially if the victim was from an economically or socially marginalized community.

Most of the domestic violence, sexual violence, and marital rape cases in India are also never reported. Lack of trained counsellors who can help domestic abuse victims and little access to legal aid also adds to the misery of these victims.

8 biggest scams that put India to shame

The main distinguishing factor in acceptance of domestic violence is education, much more than income, or even age. The report stated that experience of domestic violence, including physical and sexual violence decreases sharply with schooling and education.

By schooling, the percentage of women who report physical violence declined from 38 per cent among women with no schooling to 16 per cent among women with 12 or more years of formal education.

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